“ three Terra years on this rock, unnamed, uncharted, and un-fraggin’-welcoming. Lexus Tells me the sandstorms are less frequent on the farside of the moon, somethin’ about the pull of the planet and the position of the stars. If I ever get off this rock, I’m heading back to Prol IX, even if it means a lifetime chained to a earth shaker shell foundry and a case of burnin’ lung. This little vox-recorder has kept me goin’ now for a while, and while I know better then to whisper into it exactly what I’m here to do, I pray Saint Orphen is watchin’ over my thoughts and keepin’ them clean and clear. We’re not going to find this statue, not in my lifetime, not under all this bloody sand and grit, filling my boots, my rations, and my eyes. He knows we wont find it, but he wont stop marching us over this hell hole until he gets what he wants”

Unknown, hand vox recording found within an encampment on planet *&^%ӣ


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The Saul Legacy