Survivor, sneak and rouge


Rat has survived everything thrown his way, physically if not mentally. Out of all the members that have ever joined the group, Rat is the only one still going and he’s seen it all since day one. A scummer brought up in the middle hive, he played off gangs versus local law enforcement until his scheming was discovered. Admitting to crimes he didn’t commit, Rat escaped into a dank jail cell, trapped but still breathing, he planned his next step.

He found himself released into the hands of the inquistion, something he belived only occured because of the crimes he admitted to and not his actual actions. Since then he has faced the mutant, the xeno and the heretic to name but a few of the imperiums enemies and he has escaped them all, with a pretty high sucsess rate.

Finding the odd friend in the group, seeing them lost and found has had its effect on Rats metal well being, but the goal of eventually escaping the shackles of the inquistion remains strong in his heart.

The Rat is a sneaky creature, living in the harshest enviroments only to find its way into places no one expected. He will achieve his goals or let his colleges die trying.


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